Round 2 Review

TL;DR - another successful round in the books; 16 people allocated 1,007 wxDai to 16 Ethereum Public Goods projects. This round represents a milestone. So to celebrate, we’re going to start increasing the size of the matching pools! 🎉️

Round 2 Review

As with rounds 0 and 1, round 2 was deliberately quite small. We plan to start scaling up the matching pool starting in round 3, more on that later.

Along with continuing to test the contracts, MACI, and BrightID, this round introduced functionality for trustless curation. Whereby anyone can register projects to the round so long as they are currently listed on the TCR.

Because our TCR is on mainnet and we are currently testing on xDai, and there is no out-of-the-box way to read data from mainnet contracts on xDai, we had to make a compromise in testing this feature by implementing a dummy TCR on xDai. Nevertheless, it functioned as expected, validating that we will be able to run rounds with permissionless and decentralized curation once we hit mainnet or a rollup.

This round also introduced the ability for matching pool contributors to approve funds, rather than having to send them to the matching pool contract. The funds are then pulled to the matching pool at the end of the round, after the results have been published. This pattern is both more secure and less trustful.

As with last round, there was a ~$1,000 matching pool (provided by an anonymous benefactor), the allocation of which was decided via quadratic funding contributions from 16 contributors who collectively contributed $220 to the various recipients. This was on par with the last round, although there were several more projects that did not receive contributions this round.

Double-up to Rollup

Starting in round 3 (due to early January), we’re planning to run one round per month, doubling the matching pool each round until we’re able to deploy to a rollup. At which point we hope to be able to scale the matching pool by an order of magnitude (after appropriate testing, of course).

Now that’s core functionality has been built, improvements over the next few rounds will be focussed on UI, UX, security, and the migration to a rollup.

Round 3 includes several UI enhancements:

  • Showing unregistered projects in the list with a 'register' button on them
  • Showing round number instead of its address
  • Showing error message when number of items in cart exceeds its max size
  • Showing 'No projects selected' message when cart is empty
  • Showing warning when there are unallocated funds
  • Showing cart total when reallocating funds
  • Allowed to remove items from cart after initial submission
  • Added button for contributing tokens to the matching pool

Keep an eye out here and on twitter for the round 3 announcement.

In the meantime, you can permissionlessly add your favourite projects to our Kleros Curate TCR.To learn more about or contribute to, check out our constitution and join our forum or telegram.