Progress Update #1

A few weeks back, the first $5k tranche of our $20k Moloch grant was approved. Here is a quick recap of what we've been up to since then.

Progress Update #1

A few weeks back, the first $5k tranche of our $20k Moloch grant was approved. Here is a quick recap of what we've been up to since then.

Sound the Raid Horn!

We decided to bring in Raid Guild to add a little (a lot) extra developer muscle to the project. is a complex project with lots of moving parts, all in active development, so they've spent the bulk of their time so far getting up to speed with the project, the architecture, and figuring out where they can best apply themselves. For now, Dekan is taking on the frontend, Kevin is taking on the subgraph, Lion is taking on 3Box and private key management, and Max is doing a deep-dive of our system with a goal of contributing to and auditing the contracts, along with publishing a blog post detailing his learnings.

Branding Update

To this point, we've mostly been using the so fresh meme for as a stand-in logo. We figured it was time for a facelift, so we reached out for interested designers and struck gold when Marko agreed to join the project.

So far, he's pumped out our awesome new logo, and brand style guide, and some early mockups of the UI. This guy is seriously killing it. Smart Contracts

Kirill has been an absolute machine, pumping out a non-stop stream of PR's on our contracts. Including a rewrite of the Factory and Funding round contracts, a MACI factory, and numerous updates to the sequence diagram of our whole system that they created.

We can't review code fast enough to keep up with them!


Spencer is currently working on the first draft of's constitution, to help better articulates its mission, both to ourselves and the wider community. We should have something to share in the next few weeks.

Plan for PoC Rounds

We laid out a plan for a series of short PoC rounds, with a relatively low amount in the matching pool, where we progressively roll out each of the pieces of The intent being somewhat independent tests of each piece, so we can nail down where issues are coming from if and when they arise.

The plan, which is still very much in flux, looks something like this.

  • Round 0.0 -- and MACI contracts, using a whitelist of recipients and contributors
  • Round 0.1 -- Add BrightID, remove contributor whitelist, keep recipient whitelist
  • Round 0.2 -- Add recipient curation, remove recipient whitelist
  • Round 0.x -- address any issues found in first three PoC rounds
  • Round 1 -- All systems go, increase the funding in the matching pool!

R&D Rabbit Holes

As has become customary in our team/community, we found and explored a bunch of different rabbit holes on topics like recipient curation, Sybil protection, and collusion. We resolved to make and use a forum (should be deployed soon if it has been already) to better document and preserve these discussions.

Gitcoin Grants

RIP inbox, it's Gitcoin grants time again!

We decided to commit any funding that we receive this round to the matching pool over our first few rounds.

If you want to help support permissionless QF, support our Gitcoin grants campaign.

Join Us!

Building a permissionless QF protocol is a lot of fun, you should do it with us! If you want to learn more, you can find us on Github, Telegram, and Twitter.