CLRFund Round 8 is alive!

CLRFund Round 8 is alive!

Sup nerds!

It’s been a few months since our PB setting round seven, but round eight is finally here, and with some big changes too!

Head straight over to to experience the changes for yourself, or keep reading to learn about what we’ve been up to.

A few weeks back we, along with ~1,100 of our closest friends, ran a record setting trusted setup round for the new x32 MACI circuits. Which means that we can say goodbye to the 512 contributor cap from the previous rounds. From here on out we can accommodate several orders of magnitude more users. There’s practically no way you can hit the new cap, so climb aboard!

We’ve also doubled the matching pool again, up to 16,000 wxDai. Obviously is still small-fry stuff compared to the frankly ludicrous amount of money being thrown around in the DeFi ecosystem, but we’re sticking to our guns on scaling up slowly (at least until we get the contracts audited). We do have plans to ramp things up pretty aggressively over the next quarter as we expand the team. We’ll be aiming for at least one similar scale test on Arbitrum shortly after round eight ends, assuming all goes well we’ll look to start scaling the matching pool for the subsequent rounds.

We’d also like to give a huge shoutout to the GitcoinDAO community for their very generous grant of 40k GTC to fund ongoing development of CLRFund. This is a truly amazing gesture that really exemplifies the cooperative and collaborative qualities of the Ethereum ecosystem. Gitcoin and CLRFund have often been misconstrued as competitors, but when the ultimate goal of both is to fund public goods, the benefits of collaboration are definitely greater than competition. With this capital infusion, CLRFund now joins the ranks of just about every other web3 project and is hiring. Specifically, we’re looking to fill these key roles:

  1. Product designer
  2. Product / project manager
  3. Solidity developer / devops
  4. Frontend / subgraph developer

If you want to help build the future of public goods funding, reach out on our Discord, forum, or Telegram.

That’s all for this update.

Now head over to and support your favourite Ethereum public goods.