At the heart of is a magic black box called MACI (Minimal Anti Collusion Infrastructure). The wizards that built MACI tell us that it uses some fancy math called ZK-SNARKs to ensure that contributions are secret.

ZK-SNARK applications rely on a number of different circuits and each requires a trusted setup which ensures that no one is able to fake proofs and compromise the privacy of contributors (this would be bad because it would enable bribery and collusion). The setup is performed in such a way that, to fake a proof, an attacker must compromise every single participant of the ceremony. So the more people that contribute to the ceremony, the greater the security of the system.

To that end, Geof Lamperd and the folks at Privacy and Scaling Solutions have put together a super simple UI for running trusted setup ceremonies, which means that anyone with a computer and a github account can contribute to making projects like more secure.

We just launched our first trusted setup ceremony for the brand new MACI circuits that will let us scale the number of contributors in by several orders of magnitude. Remember how we hit the cap of 512 contributors last round? That won’t happen again.

If you’d like to dive on in and contribute to the security of (and any other projects using these MACI circuits), head over to to add some of your very own small batch, home grown, artisanal entropy to our trusted setup.

If you have any questions, you can find us on Discord, forum, and Telegram.