TL;DR - After doubling the matching pool to ~2,000 wxDai, Round 3 set a new high of 31 unique contributors to the round, contributing a total of ~280 wxDai to 22 public goods projects. The matching pool for Round 4 will double again, to ~4,000 wxDai and ETHDenver 2021 will allocate the $15,000 prizepool for its Open track using an instance of

Round 3 Review

Round 3 was the first of our Double-up to Rollup campaign, where the matching pool will double each round until we are able to run on an L2 rollup (or until we run out of matching funds).

With a roughly 2,000 wxDai prizepool and a three week matching period, Round 3 saw contributions from 31 unique contributors, who contributed a total of roughly 280 wxDai to 22 public goods projects.

Round 4 will kick off in a week or so with a roughly $4,000 matching pool, keep an eye out for an announcement when it goes live.


In the continued spirit of blazing trails and dogfooding Ethereum-based tech, ETHDenver have decided to allocate the $15,000 prize pool for their Open Track using a dedicated instance of

Judging for the Open Track will be split into two rounds.

In the first round, a panel of judges will vote to decide on the top 20 projects to progress to round 2 and present on stage.

In round 2, using the dedicated instance of, each of the five celebrity judges will be given $500 to allocate however they like to their favourite judges, $5,000 will be evenly split amongst the round 1 judges to allocate however they like, and remaining $7,500 of the prize pool will be put into the matching pool to be allocated via’s quadratic funding.

Along with the panel of judges, all ETHDenver attendees will be able to join in the judging by contributing their own xDai to the projects they like best.

Our hope is that ETHDenver’s use of will start to catalyze an ecosystem of instances.


To learn more about or to contribute to, check out our constitution and join our forum or telegram.