Round 5 Review

TL;DR - Round 5 just wrapped up. The community distributed ~$2,900 to eleven Ethereum public goods projects. The updates all worked as expected, so the matching pool for next round will be scaled up to ~$8,000.

Round 5 Review

A huge thanks to everyone who contributed to round 5.

Together, 188 contributors distributed ~$2,900 to a handful of Ethereum’s public goods projects.

More importantly though, everything worked without a hitch. We successfully tested the latest updates to MACI (which increased the hard limits on the number of messages and protects against issues with generating a valid proof) and successfully used the optimistic registry contract for recipient curation (a registry where anyone can submit a recipient, with a bond, and an owner contract has veto rights).

Where to now?

With this short test round out of the way, Round 6 will scale the matching pool back up to ~$8,000 and the duration back up to around one month.

Didn’t see some of your favorite projects in round 5? It’s because we used a new registry contract.

To add an item to the registry, simply head over to and submit the project’s details, along with a small bond to protect against spam.


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