Progress Update #2

TL;DR - The Ethereum Foundation has committed $21k in funding to go towards the first two production rounds of matching, we wrote a constitution, and successfully ran the first test round on a local dev environment.

Progress Update #2

We had intended to publish this update a little sooner, but two weeks in software development always seems to turn into at least a month.

Nevertheless, since our last update we've made some exciting progress and are inching ever closer to permissionless quadratic funding.

Ethereum Foundation Support

The Ethereum Foundation's Ecosystem Support Program has awarded a $21,000 grant to go towards our first few matching rounds, to be broken up as follows:

  • $1,000 for matching in the first mainnet test rounds (rounds 0.0-0.x)
  • $10,000 for matching in Round 1
  • $10,000 for matching in Round 2

This grant helps turn from a crazy DAO-backed experiment into something that will help the Ethereum ecosystem find its voice in determining how to best allocate its collective resources. Constitution

Lead mostly by Spencer, we've written a constitution that outlines’s purpose, the properties it must have in order to fully achieve that purpose, and the principles guiding its development.

The introduction reads: is a protocol for efficiently allocating funds to public goods that benefit the Ethereum Network according to the preferences of the Ethereum Community. strives for credible neutrality, decentralization, permissionlessness, trustlessness, and pseudonymity.

You can read the rest over on GitHub, we would love to hear your feedback on it before the ink dries.

It works!

Exciting news! Hot off the presses. Thanks to an incredible month of grinding away at the contracts, Kirill ran the first ever round in a local dev environment earlier this week.

While the screenshot may be a little underwhelming, this is a monumental achievement for us as it's the first time that the contracts and MACI have successfully worked together in concert to complete a matching round.

What's next?

Now that we know the contracts play nice with eachother, we have a whole lot more cleanup and testing to do. Our immediate goal is to get the contracts up on a testnet, along with a bare-bones UI so that the whole team can start poking at it and trying to break things. Beyond that, we've started implementing Marko's gorgeous UI designs (sneak peak below), and will start pushing towards a mainnet test, integrating BrightID, and implementing a recipient curation mechanism, before our first production round.

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