Round 4 Review

TL;DR - Holy moly what a round! With a ~$4k matching pool, the more than 200 community members contributed a whopping ~$3k to the projects they like and managed to hit the message cap on MACI. 🤯️

Round 4 Review

Round 4 was the second round in our “Double-up to Rollup” campaign, where the matching pool will double each round until we land on an L2 rollup (or run out of matching funds).

The combination of a ~4,000 wxDai matching pool, some post ETHDenver enthusiasm, and some crypto-summer vibes, the round absolutely blew up. We had more than 200 unique contributors to the round (up from 31 last round), contributing a total of more than 3,000 wxDai to the Ethereum public goods projects they value most.

And in a first for, we actually hit the hard cap on the number of messages that a MACI round can support, 2048, which is a big milestone but also means that we need to put some immediate effort into scaling so that we can support larger rounds.

Without further ado, here are the results of round 4.

It’s worth noting that there was an error tallying the results this round which made it impossible to generate a proof that would allow us to finalize the round on-chain. The cause is still being investigated, but we will have a fix before kicking off the next round.

To avoid re-running the round or any messy coordination, we’ve decided to cover the value of all of the contributions. So each of the recipients will still receive the full value of their contributions and matching funds. The difference is that the funds will be manually distributed, rather than being trustlessly distributed by the contracts.

This means that all contributions from Round 4 are being refunded. If you contributed to the round, you should withdraw your contribution by pressing the “withdraw” button at the bottom of the shopping cart (there is no other way to remove this funding from the round, so if you don’t it will just sit there forever).

Once a fix has been implemented and tested, we’ll kick off Round 5. It’s unclear yet whether we will be able to increase the MACI message cap in time for this round. So if you want to contribute, your best bet is to be on the lookout for a round 5 announcement on our Twitter and blog and make your contributions early in the round.


Those crazy spork marmots went and did it.

In the midst of Round 4, ETHDenver ran a QF round to allocate the $15k prize pool for ETHDenver’s Open Track this year. And while it was not without some pretty significant hiccups, overall, it was a great success for ETHDenver and

Our key learnings from the event were:

  1. Web3 is still really hard. Often even for people who are “web3 native”.
  2. Timing is key. ETHDenver runs on an insanely tight schedule; how else do you pack all that content into one short week? Ideally, future use of for hackathons should allow more buffer (at least a few hours) between presentations and votes closing / winner announcements.

We look forward to supporting more hackathons as they begin to adopt QF as a way of allocating their prize pool.


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